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  I, at times, find myself with extended periods of useless time which needs to be filled, my English is proper, and I do not think that entering a few simple descriptions of bands and or artist should pose much of a problem.  Tell me when, where, and whom I need to gather the information Loki, and I will be more than happy to take a crack at it.  Payment?  eh maybe, we will talk on it of course, but I don't see the need really.

I have reorganized my music library - I think there are between 200 and 500 'good' artists that inspire from monsters. Needless to say that some genre are more represented than others - not many monsters in hiphop or RnB.  On the other hand, there are too many 'metal' bands that play the same demon-like stuff ... personally I am not a great fan of the new metal  ...

 The Monstrous part of most hip hop and pop is that they actually get people to listen to that crap.  :-D  (I should know, I like some of it.)

 Music inspired by monsters... I'm afraid I'm not familiar with any... but I'd love to take a listen. Point me in the right direction and I'm there.


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