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Hello Monster type people. I enjoyed doing the Monstrous radio show for this website! Wish I could have done more episodes, but my partner crapped out on me. If anybody has any suggestions how I might get a new, hour long, bi-weekly show going, please let me know...

Seriously, I'm getting no help here. I can do it, I don't think I entirely suck, but I need someone who is knowledgeable about sending/receiving/transferring/storing hour long audio files on a dependable server.

It would be a conspiracy/political/horror/Sci-Fi/Comic book type program...


I can be reached at .

Sadly I never got to hear your show but it sounds very interesting and I am all for it, though I know little or nothing about server stuff :-(  I would like to see it up and running again so if there is a way I could help please let me know.

 Are there back episodes of the show posted somewhere?? I'd love to hear it. Or help in the future if I can.

No I checked and the server lease for them expired and they aren't available anymore. At least thats what I determined. Maybe you can find out some more  :?

Prez kind of disappeared from the site but you may reach him on his personal site - he will send you the files I believe .....


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