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Lately i have Been have unusual dreams which have quite often been coming true, can someone offer any advice or knowledge to this?

Sounds like you are a seer.

Thank you For the insight Tyler, however is there a way to be sure?

Lol, thats a new nickname, Tyler.

Hmm, well a way to be sure that you are a seer, the tools others use to pratice devination you should need to divinate once you have gotten your focus down, how ever with the tools they use, it becomes a lot easier for you to divinate.

What seperates you from divinators is that you don't need tools to divinate, where as they do.

Tools of divination are cards (like taro) a basin of water, a mirror, etc. It also really depends what form of magic you study for your tools.

I am pretty sure you are a seer, the only way to be sure is if you yourself can confirm it if it feels right.

Thanks for the info Tybalt* i made a spelling error earlier, kinda ruins the point f the whole seer think doesn't it?  :-*


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