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I tend to have a lot of lucid dreams where in a lot of them I will travel somewhere.
It is a common occurence for me to wake up in the morning, usually looking at the ceiling, then I will roll onto my side and see my body a couple of feet away on the bed still asleep. Like I came back but "missed" by a little bit!
It is vey hard for me to get myself back into my body at that point.

Does anyone have any ideas what could be causing this?
And any suggestions as to how "fix it"?



Honestly, there's really no way to get rid of it.
It's just sleep paralysis, and you should be glad that it's not more disturbing than that. When I have problems with sleep paralysis, I see demons over me trying to kill me, shadow creatures wandering through my house, and I was even abducted by aliens one time.
It's just your mind trying to make sense of something really illogical, which is your mind waking up but your body not going with it. Doesn't make any sense, but you're lucky it isn't more unsettling than what seems to be a failed attempt to return to your body.


I't does make some sense, because it is sometimes difficult in some similar ways to get myself to "wake up" when I am in a lucid dream that I have had enough of. Thanks for you input thneedly, it is some good food for thought.


 Keep your receipt.. you can never return something without the receipt.  :wink: Just kidding, Vivid! I've never heard of doing that.. it's very interesting. What other things do you do in your dreams?

Try to balance before going to sleep, it also helps if you visualize your body connected to astral one with this white streak. It is necessary to stay in touch with your body, most if you travel far. Hope it helps a bit?!


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