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Lizard People

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My husband's boss is always talking to him about lizard people that live underneath the ground in Antarctica with Hitler. I keep telling him that it's ridiculous and he can't seem to find any kind of credible evidence to support the theory.

Now, I am a believer of possibilities, but this really is too much even for me to believe. Has anyone else heard this story?

Regina Terra:
Nooo, not that I can mention. :-(

Mr. Kreepy:
As a huge fan of conspiracy theories and paranormal study, the idea of Reptilians is very familiar to me.
Not only have I heard it, but I've heard every variation of "Lizard men rule the world!!" that you could possibly imagine.

Regina Terra:
Do you know the one about Interdemensional Reptilian Aliens? :?

Mr. Kreepy:
Which one?
The one where there's a portal in the center of the earth to the dimension of the Reptilians and they come out of it to rule Earth with the Nazis, or the one where the Nordic aliens from another galaxy came to earth and the Reptilians came from another dimension in order to prevent them from creating the human race?
There are hundreds upon hundreds of these whacko fringe theories. Some of them aren't even theories so much as outright paranoid delusions.
All I know is that I have immense respect for whatever paranoid nutjob comes up with this piffle. It's really rather entertaining :laugh:


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