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James Van Praagh's "The Dead Will Tell" on CBS Oct


ABOUT THE MOVIE: Based on the work of medium James Van Praagh, The Dead Will Tell is a supernatural thriller set in New Orleans and revolves around Emily Parkes (actress Anne Heche). Emily is a young woman whose world is turned upside down when her fiancÚ, Billy (actor Jonathan LaPaglia) gives her an antique engagement ring. Soon after she starts to wear the ring, Emily begins to see fleeting images of a beautiful young woman who then disappears into thin air.

Emily visits the dealer who sold the ring to her fiancÚ and learns that its original owner, Marie, died 35 years earlier. Convinced that Marie is trying to make contact with her, Emily begins to investigate the mysterious circumstances of her death and soon becomes entangled in a series of terrifying circumstances that make her question her own sanity.

Billy's mother, Beth (actress Kathleen Quinlan), tries to convince her son that Emily is not stable and that he would be better off without her. But he loves Emily, and though he is very concerned about her behavior, Billy continues to support her. As Emily's visions become more revealing, they lead her to a secret family connection as the afterlife and present day collide.

Paul Hamlin (actor Chris Sarandon), Marie's lover, is a possible suspect in her murder. Emily's somewhat clairvoyant office assistant, Jenny (actress Eva Longoria) helps and encourages Emily during her quest for the truth about Marie's untimely death.

James Van Praagh ("Beyond with James Van Praagh") and Barbara Lieberman ("Gleason") are the executive producers for Barbara Lieberman Productions in association with Robert Greenwald Productions. Stephen Kay ("The Sheild) is the director from a script by Mark Kruger("Tru Calling"), Nancy Fichman and Jennifer Hoppe.

Says Executive Producer Lieberman, "The ghost Marie is seeking help from Emily, but the dead are also here to help Emily. The underlying themes of the movie are destiny, fate and love at first sight."

The making of The Dead Will Tell was inevitable given the success of the 2002 CBS miniseries "Living With the Dead" which was based on James Van Praagh's book Talking To Heaven. "Living With the Dead" was the network's highest-rated longform program of the 2002 year and was the second-highest rated for any network of the season.


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