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Apparently its a movie where Gods the bad guy, now out to destroy us all.  Looks pretty interesting.

It's really interesting, you're right. The only other movie I've ever seen where God's the bad guy (well its a trilogy and only the first one's come out yet, so you're not supposed to know he's the bad guy yet) is The Golden Compass... I heard some places and parts of the Church have banned the movies and the books, so it'll be interesting to see the world's reaction to this one and to the portrayal of a God that isn't all-loving and omnipotent. And btw, Michael looks totally badass with his black wings, dagger and Sub-Machine Gun... A fallen Archangel standing between God and Humanity to save the world? great idea.

I wonder... will they portray God? Who's it gonna be? Wikipedia doesn't list his role in the cast, so I guess if we see a glimpse of it'll all be CG...

Hmm... I doubted I could write a reply without speaking my mind about religion and God, but seems like I've managed to do it somehow...

 I saw a preview for this when I went to see Zombieland. It looks interesting to say the least. I'm not sure I get the whole plot, but that's ok, lol.

 Robin Williams should play God.

James Earl Jones would make the best God lol

 Jerry Lewis as God.


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