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The forgotten fact about Dwarves......

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Dwarves (proper plural 'dwarrows') are said to be wizened old men, who live deep under the Earth in large, magnificent caves, or underground palaces. One of the facts that has been forgotten by 90% percent of the world is that dwarves are said to have strange types of feet, which would not match thier upper torso. Legend tells how dwarves once lived among humans, and the humans always tried to see the dwarves feet, for they always kept them covered. In order to see what they looked like, they poured flour onto the ground. When a dwarf walked over the flour, an imprint of the foot would appear. According to the story, they appeared as duck feet, goat feet, and other animals. Strangley enough, this is also a trait demons are supposed to possess.     Raises some question s, doesn't it?


alastor moon:
yes it does. are they demons? or something else?

they were humans that got beat with an ugly stick.

Not all demons are evil, says so in the Arabic beliefs.  Demons can be  :evil: as well as  :-D  .   I think that the Dwarves they tested were demons in disquise, as demonic beings can shape-shift.  If they tested many more than that, I suppose it could be a coincedence or they could be very distant relations.  Plus, NOT ALL DWARVES ARE OLD MEN!!!!!!!  HOW DO YOU THINK THEY REPRODUCE!!!!!!!!!

Yes, in Islam, it states that Allah created the jinn and some worshiped him, and adored him, and others, led by Iblis, the Devil turned away, leading humans astray and onto their destruction on the last day. This is why I can believe in the fae, and Islam. The good fae are simply the good jinn. Dwarves could be too... And in the books by Tolkien etc, Dwarves have feet like normal people (I think). So it just goes to show how myths are distorted and changed.


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