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Yes, it is. I have always been interested in this subject.


--- Quote from: WOLFSONG on January 04, 2010, 10:33:11 AM ---So theoretically, if you drank from the fountain of youth you live forever? So if the world broke out in war and we all offed ourselves, some poor idjet would be wandering around in the wastelands by himself forever? Could you imagine being the only living thing on the planet. How bad would that suck to starve to death?

--- End quote ---

  I could easily be persuaded to live forever, lets face it, even at the speed I collect information I still have a very long way to go.  Suck being the only person?  Hell no it wouldn't, I am secular by nature and the life of solitude would fit me like a glove.  Starve?  Not me, I already have plans upon plans, if the world goes to hell you can be sure that I will not be going along with it.

So wait does the fountain of youth actually restore you to a younger age? Or does it maintain your current age so that you won't get any older? If you drink too much or bathe (however it works) do you become a baby? Even if you are immortal to age, bullets are still going to do the trick.

Now if you get shot and go to the fountain of youth can you get restored to a younger age where the bullet was not there? (This goes back to mechanics of how it actually works, or is believed to work)


Thanks Muerte that cleared it up a little. but no one knows for sure if Wikipedia is right. You won't know until you see it.


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