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:lol: I remember when I was nine years old I tried to make my own film... of course it came out retarded, :evil:  and my stupid friend found it and showed to mostly everyone I knew! ...But thatís okay... I had some embarrassing stuff of him to... revenge is sweet :lol:

I think that its great you tried to create a movie... what was it about?! Revenge is sweet!! What was the stuff you had to embarrass your friend with?! Intrigued!!! Please reply

Undead kids eating other not dead kids... we tried to eat the dog too :D .

hehehe my friend thought it would be funny to photo himself... in his underwear :lol: ! Image this, a skinny white boy at the age 10 dancing around and pretending to sing. he was going to trash it but forgot :lol: if you ever saw the beginning of the new guy thatís sorta what he looked like in picture action. Every time I reminded him about it he threatens to kill me, I only made copies and sent it to all his relatives :roll: , his mom helped... she thought it was cute :D , I let some of our close friend take a look. When he came around asking what I was doing I handed him some pictures for keeperÖ I made a run for it...  :D

You really are evil Sonnillon... Good job :lol: . No, I was far more responsible than you were...

your an evil person sonni, very evil. I know the feeling of bad pictures that you wanted to trash :oops:  :cry:


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