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Title: Rapture Shield
Post by: LeXtruX on July 25, 2011, 01:06:13 PM
This is a technique I developed that can mostly only be used by people like Moloch or like me, that have either a huge amount of energy or can steal enough to have it for making the shield, after that, no energy is needed...

Let me clarify the basics... I got the idea from Rasengan (the technique from Naruto, and yes I know... that is a manga/anime and it's fake and bla bla bla) because I found the concept interesting...
The shield is self generating, so once 'cast' it does no longer need your energy to exist... it draws it from that which tries to penetrate. and what is trying to penetrate get's (theoretically, I haven't perfected it yet, but for now it suffices) ripped apart.

Now, don't ask me how to make it self sustaining, the original concept was to make it a shield that flows around you instead of a bubble or waves or w/e, see it as many small shields flowing around you at super high speed. the result, however, was that it became self sustaining, though this might be because it took over some abilities from me being a Psy vamp... But that aside... what you got to do is focus on 1 particle flowing around you at high speed, so high it actually makes a solid trail... then add more untill you have a 'bubble'.

I call this shield rapture cuz it brings total destruction and is, once more theoreticaly, unstoppable...

Mo once got through this, since he's stronger than me it did not do much effect on him, but then he noticed the shield returning too, and I did nothing to do that...
anyway. Feel free to try it out, and this is NOT basic shielding, though it isn't finished yet and therefor it isn't mastered level either... once it's finished it should be the only shield you need if you can cast and/or sustain it (unless it's selfsustaining for everyone).

Title: Re: Rapture Shield
Post by: Daemonin on July 25, 2011, 01:23:27 PM
I've done my share of shielding, but never once thought for it to be energized by the things trying to break through.  Thanks for posting that, it could come in handy.  Actually... wow, I feel kind of silly for focusing on pure defense now that I'm thinking about it.  If being attacked, might as well defend yourself and cause some damage in the process, if not eliminate the attacker entirely... Gotta try this sometime :)