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Dark Series by Christine Feehan


I love this series because it has vampires and all sorts of different beings in it.  I know the books are probably way off from the truth but they are based on a race called Carpathians. The whole gist of most of the book is one of the main characters are looking for their lifemate (yes they are romance so if you do not like this type of book they are not for you). The books are action packed and have many steamy scenes in them if you are into that kind of thing ;)  The main purpose of the Carpathians are to destroy vampires because they are their enemies and so forth.  There are also other races of beings in the books like Jaguar-men, mages unlike the real world ones, and things of that nature.  So if you are into fantasy romance type novels with a ton of action this series is AWESOME! It will also take a while for you to run out of books to read because the 22nd book was just published not too long ago.


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