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KGB Psychics
« on: April 28, 2006, 02:34:07 PM »
Claiming that "Americans have created radiators of modulated signals, which
control people's behavior thousands of kilometers from afar," Pravda reported
that former Russian President Boris Yeltsin was protected by a KGB unit who
defended against "psychic" attacks.

Yuri Malin, a former KGB officer, said that "there was a special department in
the structure of Russian secret services to protect top officials from malicious
intentions of scientists and extrasensory individuals, who could create devices
that were capable of affecting human psychology." Malin worked as a consultant
of Boris Yeltsin's Federal Security Service, the successor to the KGB.

Malin says that Putin does not "take much" interest in the unit. "There were
such people in Boris Yeltsin's team, though. There was a special department,
which was dealing with unconventional technologies to manipulate the human
mind," he claims.

Malin says the unit was formed when someone found an eavesdropping device in the
house of a Russian government official. "It was actually not a microphone, but a
directional antenna. Specialists concluded that the antenna had been installed
in the office to exert a psychological influence on the president," he said.

Malin says that in the early 90s there were about 20 institutes which developed
a variety of extrasensory devices used by the security forces and others. During
the Yeltsin years, Malin says the Russian goverment spent 500 million rubles on
such programs.

Apparently Yeltsin was very much in favor of the efforts. Malin recalled that
security agents "could not let a button of Yeltsin's shirt disappear: it was
believed that extrasensory individuals could put the evil eye on the president
with the help of any little thing that Yeltsin owned."

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Re: KGB Psychics
« Reply #1 on: September 19, 2010, 12:49:06 PM »
Yes i know its an old topic but thought i would post here anyway rather than start a new topic.

Derron brown recently attempted to expose a Russian group teaching psychic development, The Bronnikov System.

I have had some experience with people from the Bronnikov System and have found them to be fully authentic with a very advanced training system and some amazing demonstratable abilities.(despite all the nonsense on youtube trying to discredit them) awesomely accurate remote viewing, navigating obstacles blindfolded etc. This si just the start of what they can do.

Whilst the technology contained within the Bronnikov system is not yet mainstream within KGB   'systema' training IS  a part of many Russian special ops programs.

Systema is a martial arts system that uses psychospiritual elements within it to get real battlefield results.
There are some very very high level  skills on show amongst the practioners of systema. Stuff you have to experience to believe, and even then its a stretch sometimes.
Some exponents can stop a heart at will (they also restart it), or deflect attacks without physical contact. There are levels beyond this too.If you cant make it to Moscow Systema is actually taught in Montreal Canada by a guy who has these levels of ability, Vladimir Vasilev. If you want to see and feel it for yourself go there and have your eyes opened.

Russia also has practitioners of bio energetic medecine that make western medicine seem crude. I say this because i have seen cures firsthand that western medicine could not explain. Cancers, you name it, they have cured it. Again though this is not mainstream  Russian  experience, but it is there none the less. Its amazing what lies out there on the other side of the curtain.
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