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« on: January 26, 2011, 12:07:10 AM »
Hello everyone i'm trying to create a list of herbs,stones,crystals,metals, music, objects and e.t.c  that you perceive as heightening, strengthening or amplifying the range of your psychokinetic or E.S.P abilities. To develop not only a startup kit for things to be avoided for burgeoning psychics, but a list of building materials for a few conceptualized gadgets and talismans that i think could even further boost ones abilities. mostly working on the theory of creating devices that harmonise and resonate with brain waves stimulating emotions and abilities for practice and emergencies. (And to create a store of information to help some of my family members who are growing closer to when there gifts will manifest).
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Re: Amplifiers
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Best amplifiers i know of are practice and an authentic teacher.

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Re: Amplifiers
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Some crystals could also help a lot, you can check this out, maybe it helps

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Re: Amplifiers
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Gerina Dunwich
Gemstone Sorcery.

Wonder If i can find my copy.
*finds it*

Was this what you're looking for?

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