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John Dies at the End, by David Wong.


Bloody brilliant surreal horror/comedy novel. Creepy, funny and surreal, great combination. It could only get better if it had Opeth in it, which it might because if you're not shit you'll listen to Opeth while you read it.

It deconstructs and subverts some common horror cliches, and gives new spins on old horror themes. It's full of ideas and quite early on gives an excuse for all sorts of weird s**t to happen, after which all sorts of weird s**t happens. And despite that, it has quite a good explanation at the end and is easy to understand. And as if that weren't enough, it's one of the few examples of horror/comedy in which the humour doesn't cheapen the horror. It's full of actual quality jokes that don't rely on ruining the suspense to get cheap laughs, and is capable of being serious when it needs to be. In fact, the humour sort of makes it scarier, as it makes you care about the characters more, and the fact that they're using humour as displacement seems very realistic. The unpredictable and surreal storyline taking place in the most ordinary place imaginable creates a great sense of the unknown invading the known. The language isn't very interesting, it's fairly casual and simple throughout, but that's the closest thing to criticism I can come up with.

In short, read it. It's good. Discuss.

EDIT: Also, it's going to be made into a film, by the director of the enjoyable-but-flawed Bubba Ho-Tep. If he fucks up this in any way I will shit in his eye socket.


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