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Title: What Are Shadow Entities?
Post by: Barek Halfhand on March 16, 2009, 05:04:14 PM
What are Shadow Entities  and why are they often linked to sleep paralysis?

are they ghosts? aliens? demons ? inter-dimensional beings? Is it possible that they are the earthbound souls trapped in proverbial 'purgatory'? until they can achieve redemption by relieving us of our worldly stresses and daily angst by PSI vamping us in an induced state of immobilization that mimics a natural night time disruption commonly referred to as sleep paralysis? are they simply aliens using our own superstitions against us as a means of covert contact with humans (abduction or house calls)? There have been various types of Shadow Entities entities reported, visually they can bee ranging from 4 feet to as much as 7 feet tall, they have been described as flat and seemingly 2 dimensional, some with glowing red eyes and sometimes wearing a hat and or a hooded cloak, the reports I have read over the last year or so of recreationally researching this subject has enabled me to categorize them into these general titles;

THE SENTINEL- likes to watch

THE ATTACHMENT- "just me and my shadow"

THE PREDATOR-tends to feed off of fear or anxiety that it creates and in turn amplifies

THE RUNNING MAN- zips by out of the corner of your eye (it was fast AND "out of the corner of your eye" BUT you seem to know it was a Shadow)

Of course lets not discount the possibility that this phenomena may be attributed to individuals who are very much alive and are very capable of astral projection and depending on that projected individual,the potential exists for PSI vampirism is well right? My point is this : there are endless reports that filter in to forums like this day after day week after week, month after month and they all seem to have uniformity and consistency in the described encounters, this isn't some sort of pop culture, mass media generated,
mass hysteria of "Wars of The Worlds" paranoia principle, this is a quantifiable and record able phenomena that is becoming inescapable as a supernatural subject as of late.

The testimonies I have read just from my limited research on the subject are all frighteningly similar in description ...we all seem to recall a sense of malevolence associated with the encounter, my recollection of one of the last few SP/shadow encounters is vivid ....

I remember opening my eyes and seeing a back mist/fog sort of coalescing through the lower left frame of the door... I was completely unable to move, the dream has always included an overwhelming sense of evil that I alway feel an instinctual need to shout out at in defiance! confront as a means of vanquishing it... the form was dark and consistent with the size of a man when it fully materialized beside by bed and I could tell it was very dark, like unnaturally dark... I could feel the ominous presence as well as see its outline in my straining peripheral vision ...this one was wearing a cloak of sorts but I could discern no facial features as I was rendered completely immobilized by the imposed paralysis and permitted only straight on vision... the odd thing is I then distinctly remember a pillow floating towards my face and having it make enough contact with my face to jolt me completely awake and free...the other variation involves a recurring dream located an old early 1800's seeming farmhouse with a hatched floor door in one of the outer rooms that lead to a basement/ cellar ...I was completely mobile yet when opening the basement door I looked down to the bottom of the stairs following the narrow sliver of light from above and only ever catching the dark outline of something standing just out of the light but always seeming unnaturally dark...and , I am standing at he top of the stairs but MY VOICE IS CUT OFF FROM YELLING AT THE SEETHING PRESENCE IN THE BASEMENT ... sometimes it's a modern sort of a multi leveled basement plant or facility occasionally I do catch glimpses of them running by in my waking state, but nowadays they seem to leave me alone as its going on over a year now since the last episode....


barek :-)
Title: Re: What Are Shadow Entities?
Post by: Nyxus on April 18, 2009, 06:58:21 PM
i personally think theyre demons
Title: Re: What Are Shadow Entities?
Post by: Barek Halfhand on April 19, 2009, 08:58:52 AM
i personally think theyre demons

That is not an uncommon opinion, I have also been seeing more and more evidence that there is in fact some type of classified cloaking technology that may account for some of these sightings....b
Title: Re: What Are Shadow Entities?
Post by: oldbill4823 on April 19, 2009, 09:41:55 AM
I'd be interested to read why you think this is cloaking technology. What evidence have you got to formulate an opinion like this?

My own opinion i posted up in the dreaming section, under 'dream entities'. I think they are pretty much one and the same thing.
Title: Re: What Are Shadow Entities?
Post by: Cassiel on May 13, 2009, 09:43:12 AM
Yes I find many believe this... but there are those of us who believe they (shadow people) are souls caught in purgatory and controlled by a higher level demon.
Title: Re: What Are Shadow Entities?
Post by: OrangeSquishy on May 13, 2009, 06:35:11 PM
From my experience, shadows are formed when darkenergy pools together it gets to a point where it develops a kind of intelligence. I've seen it usually starting off as less than an animal intelligence, then as the shadow grows bigger it develops more and more ability to think, and eventually turns into the Shadow People that most people recognise. It does develop MUCH further bbeyond this point, but they rarely find humanity interesting enough to drop by. I don't believe they're demons any more than they are angels. The reason people think they're nasty is because the ones you encounter usually need to feed to stay in this part of existance, and most have particular feeding habbits.
Most Shadows I have encountered are here because they grew here, they want to have a look around or they have a contract with people here. I'm not talking "sell your soul" kind of contract, I mean the kind of arrangements people make with any otherworldly being from "teach me this lesson in this life" to "protect me" to "go and do this for me".
Title: Re: What Are Shadow Entities?
Post by: Aniyu on May 14, 2009, 11:00:55 AM
I see shadows. Every where. Some of them are animal (4 legs) others are more human like (two legs) other are like flying creatures i see alot bat like ones. I don't know what they are, my guess is spirits following us around feeding off of us. Or guides.

I dunno bout demons most are more, mischevious or malicous. Not always though. These just seem to be there.

I can see where orangesquishy is coming from and i think that makes the most sense, lil out there but logical. I've seen stranger things.