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Title: When I was a child...
Post by: Mental Disorder on December 02, 2009, 06:09:44 AM
When I was a child, I had a episode to where I was scared out of my wits. I called them Shadow Beings. I was alone in top bunk in my bed with my brother below. All of a sudden before I drifted to sleep, I felt a terrifying presence. A huge load of spiders, big and small, started crawling everywhere from my doorway. Of course I screamed for my mom and dad. They turned on the lights and I told them what I saw. So then I went to sleep in their bed, same thing happened, but these ones were HUGE. I was scared really badly as one even tried to bite my dad. I hid under the covers and I couldn't sleep but have a weird thing where I was chaning shape and jumping across holes in the earth. One time, as well, I had a episode with a scorpion at my G'mas house, turned on the lamp and it dissapeared. But ever sence then, I always could see flashes of light on the side of my vision and have the feeling like something non-human is watching me. You guys know what happened?