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Post what YOU think is strange, be it common, extinct, unheard of, ugly, whatever!

White-faced Saki ^_^

Proboscis Monkey

Emperor Tamarin

Dumbo Octopus


Gulper Eel


Hunstman (In this case, Hunstwoman) Spider

Here's a Link about them, so you can understand why a spider that looks sortof normal is strange to me:

(aaaaand omg I want one!!! ...I want one of everything that's cute and odd... but)


Four Toed Jerboa (CUTE!)

Cantor's Giant Turtle (Thanks, TeteroInan)

Naked Mole Rat


Bilby (Supercute!)

Leafy Sea Dragon

Angora Rabbit (aka my new pillow  *<:))


You see this guy everywhere when something's mentioned for "strange" creatures.  It's an Aye-Aye, and isn't it cute??


Olms. (I want one)

Vampire Squid.

Hah!  That Giant Turtle looks like a cow-chip! XD  And... that blob fish makes me think of Ziggy for some reason...
I can't think a real one off the top of my head, but I do immediately think of the mythical variation of one that I've always thought of as being extremely strange.**toshi_Rainy_Day_Tanuki.jpg Linked it cause it's mildly NSFW.
This is called a Tanuki, often inacurately translated as, or mistaken for raccoon, the more accurate translation is Raccoon-Dog, which is closer to a dog if I remember correctly.  Mario turns into this, not a flying raccoon as popular myth says.  That rathar large "object" it's beating those guys up with is magical and allows it to transform like a Kitsune.  Unlike kitsune though, they are considered to be benevolent, and good luck.  If you go around in Japan, you'll see little statues of these things occasionally, especially in front of shops, as the luck they bring is associated with money (this has to do with that large part).

EDIT: UGH, the profanity filter messed up the URL, because it had the letters s**t in it.  If you want to see, you;ll have to fix it by changing the ** to HI.


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