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The renovations at the castle here are coming along nicely.
So well in fact i am at the point of starting the garden area at the front.
The actual house is medieval in origin and so i had always thought about making an apothecarists garden or even a poison garden then i just wondered about making a magic garden.

Ideas ideas ideas hmmm.

So my question to you is if you were making a magical garden what plants would you plant in it and why?

I recognize some of those. I think monkshood is the same as wolfsbain. (could be wrong, but I think it is) I read somewhere that if you wrap wolfsbane in a lizard skin you can turn invisable. Holy is said to ward off evil spirits and I think protect against lightning.

yep you got it all LG :)
of course though if you have the space for it you should grow. Acacia. Mandrake.mugwort. mint. vervain. poppys. yarrow. roses. honeysuckle.
mustard. if you can find it grains of paradise flowers. hydrangea. rue. john the conquerer root(ipomelea jalapa). hyssop. angel trumpet flower.
just to name a few

  I take it the garden will be an outdoor one?  If this is the case then care should be taken in choosing your plants to avoid loosing them.  Also one needs to keep in mind the amount of sunlight certain plants need for optimal growth.  (Also, this being a "Magical" garden one would also need to know the proper care and harvest procedures for each to reap the most optimal benifits from each plant.)

  An auspisious project freind and I wish you all the best.

Yes the garden will be outside. It gets pretty hot and dry here in the summer, hard frosts til March, fair amount of rain, just right for growing grapes and making wine sort of climate.

Also i want the garden to be attractive. Some plants just look wierd next to each other, visually it doesnt work.

A few of you have listed plants to include but i want to know why. Extra bonus points for plants people have actual experience in using.


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