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Before I ask an opinion from a third party, I wanted to go ahead and state that I figure others can ask totem questions here as well.  It isn't all about me :P
Second, I know a lot about totems, but still wanted an outside opinion on this matter. If anyone needs any further information let me know.

I pretty much know my 9 totems, plus whatever messengers come my way.  Wolf has been my primary totem and I do not feel that has changed.  Except maybe recently.

Since becoming pregnant I have noticed an abundance in red-tailed hawks around me wherever I go, either flying in my direction (the direction I'm going) or watching me.  Even once I had one land in front of me, we stared at one another for a moment, and it flew into a tree where it continued to watch me.  What I am trying to determine is if there is a message I am missing from Hawk, or if Hawk is around because of my unborn baby girl.  The closest I came to an answer was in a spiritual dream excursion I had where I encountered a gryphon that was park hawk, not eagle, with a baby with her.  When I woke, however, I could not remember for the life of me what had happened beyond that. 

I've been trying to be open with what Spirit has to say, while also making sure I do not stress out too much about whether or not I am being to open with the astral.  I would much prefer to not suffer any kind of negative responses in that sense or area while pregnant.  Call me overly cautious, but I feel better safe than sorry. 

As far as Hawk goes, I know it is a good sign and I am opening myself up to what she has to say.  I was just wondering if maybe she was my baby's totem and not my own.  (It'd be nice to know so I can put one in her room if that is the case.  I'll probably put one in there anyway now.)

Hi. I know a thing or two about totems. Mine are Wolf and Crow. Always have been, always will be. If your babies totem is hawk, then thankful you should be! Hawk is a good guardian!

I would think so the gryffon hawk with the baby would symbolise to me how you will have a child with a hawk totem that will bring that eneergy into you and her life and that you iwll show her out to become closer connected to the hawk totem.

on a side note thank you for opening this thread to others questions because the question of what is my actual totem has been with me for quite some time.
I have a familiar which is a dog spirit thqt helps me in magic, but before she came into my life and before i was even able to speak i have been followed by crows owls and spiders, to the point of murders of crows have followed, so have spiders and i've always been able to hear a owl as long as ive been a naturalish area. Although they havent actively participated in my magic i have called on them for protection and they have protected me, So would they be my totems?

To be honest, only you can answer that question. No one can tell you what your totem is. Meditate with the purpose of finding it. It may take a long time to figure it out, and it may come quickly but it is important not to have the expectation of one totem over another, to do so would cloud the outcome.

okay and thank you i think i have a few meditations to help :)


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