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I know I said I'd be away, but I have time to glance at the site and somewhat keep track but never enough time to post. Today, I found merit to take a moment and to post some odd information.

My father-in-law acquired the personal chest that belonged to Marie Laveau (not sure if it was the first or second) which had a flint lock pistol, a crucifix that had an object that looked like fangs ( |''| ), the middle teeth being human and the others unknown with a rattle snake tail attached to the top of the fangs, medicine rocks, an old necklace, a ridiculously long and sharp claw from an animal (still with hair on it), and some other oddities that I can't recall right now.

Anyone anything about her? I am trying to look up information on her but I can't find anything. Or, do you know anything about the teeth or relation of teeth to voodoo?

I got weird feelings when holding them but that's for another time and another topic.


Marie Laveaux voodoo queen of new orleans hmm the object with the teeth if these are actuall teeth attached to the cross is probably a fetish i keep a few aimal parts myself to call on the animals powers and a whole bunch of interesting things, but it's interesting how did your father get her chest? but what else hmmmmmmm sthe first marie laveaux is na sort of diminutive lwa or goddes becaus eof the power hear spirit had before death and people do give her offerings and petition her for favors, also as it stands i know a few of her relatives and can i say interesting family lol.

LG: The second link was good :) I liked it very much! I might have to hit up Barns and Noble if my husband will let me buy some books.

Levin: He said he bought it from a guy who owned it. All I know about the offering is you have to put 3 X's on her tomb and hope she will grant your wish. :/

Check out Voodoo Queen by Martha Ward; it's a good bio of her. There are also a number of books & sites that can help you figure out what some of the pieces mean. One good resource is Joan Teresa Voodoo, its an online store & provides a good amount of info on what each item it used for. Also look at Azuregreen.com another good occult reseource. These will most likely only be guidelines since Marie may have added her own interpretation/powers to the objects but it will give you an idea of their purpose. Regardless, the objects should be treated with great care. No showing them off like trophies, throwing them in the basement & forgetting about them. If he chooses to display them, they should be behind locked glass so that no one plays with them idly. Keep the chest locked if the objects are in it. Sounds a bit silly I guess, but from what I know of Marie & Voodoo, better safe than sorry. How did he come across the chest, if you don't mind me asking, Im just curious.

Mmmm, I always enjoyed stories of the bayou voodoo queens xD

which reminds me, could read Mayfair Witches again  :roll:


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