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What type of Mage are you? - Quiz.

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Just another quiz I found.... If you are a Mage this might help you determine what type you are, although I strongly suspect this was made for humour.


maggot man:
I'm an earth mage!

alastor moon:
VOID MAGE!!!!!!!!yay!!!!!!!!

dark - lady:
i am spirit mage  :lol:

these things are quite interesting and so far all of you have turned out to be exactly the way I have imagined you to be!!! I am exactly like that Spirit Mage description sez!!! And the ones for Sy and Sonni are so right on, I could have written them myself. (yes, I can see thru time and space and see into your hearts) oh, yes, I can. And don't get mad at me but none of you are half as bad as you try to make others think you are.
except _____. Boy, he's Really Bad. Bad to the bone! The worst. Horrible! A plague on humanity. The scum of the universe. Every child's nightmare. The literal monster in the closet. The thing under the bed.  sorry, getting carried away........but I'll never tell.


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