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Cattle Mutilations Alive and Well



Cattle mutilation alive and well today
Thursday, July 7, 2005
Last week, the History Channel presented a new documentary on the weird phenomenon called cattle mutilations. Although I didnít get to watch the entire program, I saw enough to let me know that the phenomenon is alive and well in 2005 - even if the cattle are dead.
Cattle mutilation is the term given to the thousands of cases where farm animals are found dead and their bodies mutilated in a strange way. The cause of death is undetermined (they donít appear to have been shot or poisoned) and all of the blood has been removed from their bodies. And strangest of all, certain body parts are found surgically removed from the cattle, usually the reproductive and rectal organs. A cowís udders are sometimes found removed as well. The incisions are always performed neatly and precisely with almost no blood at the scene.
Investigators will find abnormally high levels of radiation around the places where the dead animals are discovered. In some cases, the cattle are found marked with a kind of fluorescent paint. Buzzards and other scavengers will not touch the carcasses. No footprints or signs of a struggle are found around the scene. Investigators will often discover clamp marks on the animalsí legs that indicate they were taken from their pastures, killed and mutilated elsewhere and then brought back, according to a Web site.
People will report seeing UFOs at around the same time that the cattle mutilations occur. This has led many to suspect that aliens from outer space are responsible for the weird phenomenon. Most of the cases come from North America but other parts of the world have experienced it as well. Sheep and horses have also been the victims.
The phenomena began in the fall of 1973 when farmers in Minnesota and Kansas reported finding dead, mutilated cattle. The local police in both states looked into the matter but realized that this was nothing like anything else they had ever seen. They first suspected this was the work of some kind of satanic cult.
Later, more reported cattle mutilations occurred throughout the Midwestern United States and central Canada. Farmers and ranchers were concerned and afraid about what was happening to their livestock. They had heard nothing during the night when their valuable cattle were killed and mutilated. They wanted answers.
As the years went by, investigators put forward four theories to explain the cattle mutilations: satanic cults and ritual sacrifices, top secret government projects involving chemical weapons, mass hysteria blowing the thing out of proportion and most popular of all, experiments by alien visitors in UFOs.
In some cases, police were able to link the mutilations to satanic cults in Idaho, Montana, Iowa and Alberta, Canada. But that could not explain the other cases quickly coming from all over the world.
As for the secret government project theory, folks have reported spotting black, unmarked helicopters with tinted windows and searchlights at the same time when cattle mutilations are occurring. But again, this cannot explain the other cases that have come in from other countries. Are all the governments where this occurs involved in some kind of worldwide conspiracy?
And I donít believe that these are natural deaths blown out of proportion. I have seen photos and video footage of the mutilated cattle. A farmer or rancher would have good reason to be concerned if he went out one morning and found this. Someone or something apparently drained the blood and neatly removed the sexual or rectal organs. This takes time and some degree of planning. A wolf or a coyote would not leave cattle in such a state.
So, we are still left with the extraterrestrial theory. Cattle mutilations often occur in such UFO-related places as northern New Mexico and near the secret government installation in Nevada called Area 51. Some folks have even reported seeing a UFO lift the animals off the ground with an invisible force. Two people who reported to have been abducted by aliens also said they witnessed a cattle mutilation inside the UFO, according to a Web site.
But this must bring little consolation to the farmer or rancher who has lost some valuable livestock and doesnít know how to keep it from happening again.
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