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Why vampires cannot look in to a mirror without broke it?


i know that vampires cannot see they're face in a mirror, but why?
maybe is a punishment by god?
in Dracula Bram Stoker's, when Dracula is shaving Jonathan, he look into the mirror and the mirror had broken.
why? somebody knows why?

There a lot of stories about mirror, usually creatures of the night don't reflect into mirror because they have no real bodies and are already dead.
Or when they look into mirror, they see a dead body ... not their magical appearance. (remember Snw White).

The mirror is then just an inheritance from the old fairy legends

another way to explain the mirror mythology is that in the olden days they beleived that when u looked into a mirror u did not see ur physical body but ur soul and since vampires have no souls then they cant see there reflections. i jus dont know how the broken mirror falls into this.

actually that is a common misconception, mirrors give your shape which is made by light and any solid visible creature would have a reflection


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