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Vampires into politics


A MAN claiming to be a vampire says he hopes to demolish the Banbury Cross to attract more creatures of the night to town. He wants people to vote for him in a forthcoming by-election.

Johnny Wood is standing as a Monster Raving Loony Party candidate for the town council's Crouch Hill ward.
Last month controversial councillor Gordon Gerry stood down from the seat after he said his position had become untenable.
His decision came after he quit the Conservative Party following a row over his belief that town councillors should act independently rather than toe the party line at town council level.
Fears that there may not be sufficient interest in holding an election to replace Mr Gerry were this week quashed after Hardwick resident Mr Wood announced his intention to stand.
He told the Banbury Guardian: "I'm a vampire and I want to introduce more vampire friendly policies.
"The Cross scares a lot of vampires away so I would like that to be removed. I would also introduce a music festival which would ask the audience to pay by donating blood for vampires rather than with money."
Mr Wood, who claims he is able to go near The Cross because he is only half vampire, does however stress that his campaign has a serious point.
"I am doing this because I think democracy is important. There is no other party that allows people with unusual views to stand," he said.
Cherwell District Council confirmed that Mr Wood's nomination has been accepted and other candidates have until September 12 to register.
If others come forward an election will take place on October 9. If not Mr Wood will be automatically elected.
Mr Gerry welcomed the news saying that anything that encourages interest in local democracy is welcome.
He added: "If Mr Wood is elected I'm sure he will feel very at home as there are already plenty of monsters and loonies on the town council."


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