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What Happened (2)


Devious Viper:
Instead of your birthday, your birth year...

Devious Viper's:
(links to news articles, btw)
19 Jan    Indira Gandhi takes charge in India

24 Jan    117 die in Air India tragedy

03 Feb    Soviets first to land probe on Moon

07 Feb    Hawaii hosts US-Vietnamese peace summit

09 Feb    New nuclear reactor for Dounreay

03 Mar    BBC tunes in to colour TV transmission

05 Mar    Passenger jet crashes into Mount Fuji

06 May    Moors murderers jailed for life

31 May    Vietnam Buddhist burns to death

02 Jun    First US space probe lands on Moon

06 Jun    Black US civil rights activist shot

03 Jul    Arrests in London after Vietnam rally storms US Embassy

30 Jul    Football glory for England in World Cup

13 Aug    China announces Cultural Revolution

21 Oct    116 children buried alive in Wales

22 Oct    Double-agent breaks out of jail

01 Nov    Viet Cong bombs Saigon

Zak Roy Yoballa:
Where are you guys finding this stuff!?!

Devious Viper:
I found mine on the BBC site.

Devious Viper:
Link to site:


--- Quote from: Zak Roy Yoballa on June 29, 2006, 02:23:41 PM ---Where are you guys finding this stuff!?!

--- End quote ---

I just went to Google and typed in 'birthdate history' and got several sites to check.



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