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The Peninsula Monster



The Real Story Behind the Peninsula Monster

At this point I submit the eeriest, weirdest UFO prediction I have made yet (and remember, if the UFOs did not tell me themselves, how else would I know when, or where they would appear, or what they were going to do?).

In a letter to George Clark and contacts, July 11, 1966, I wrote some predictions, then added:

The Si's are near this area, and are about to make a move that will bring them to public notice again, just in case people are forgetting them. Something startling. They are getting restless because I am not getting anywhere with the U.S. Government.

How right I was (of course I was, the Si's had told me to write that).

Front Page, The Morning News, Erie, Pa., August 1, 1966:


An unidentified flying object was sighted on the Peninsula shortly after dusk Sunday night. A Jamestown, N.Y., girl described by Peninsula police as being almost hysterical, near shock, said a craft suddenly appeared in the night sky from the north and landed about 300 yards from the car she was sitting in. She was identified as Betty Jean Klem, 359 Brodhead Ave., Jamestown, N.Y. Peninsula police were taking the statement from her and several friends today. Miss Klem gave the following account to a Morning News reporter:

"We were sitting in the car waiting for help. Our car was stuck in the sand. We saw a star move. It got brighter. It would move fast, then dim. You could see it come down. It was metallic. Sort of silvery. It landed between two trees. It came straight down. The car vibrated. I know we saw it. We had taken a walk up in that area earlier. There was nothing between those trees then. All of a sudden it was just there. We could see the lights on the back."

(She later described the craft as being mushroom shaped with a narrow base rising up to an oval structure.)

The sixteen year old girl was still shaking as she talked to the newsman and police officers. Her eyes were red from crying. Police described her as a pretty sensible young woman.

Peninsula Police Chief Dan Dasconio said, "I know what people are going to say, but this girl saw something that scared her badly. This is no joke as far as I'm concerned."

The girl said that as she and her boyfriend, Douglas J. Tibbets, eighteen, of Greenhurst, N.Y., watched from the front seat of his car a beam of light came out of the craft and moved along the ground in a straight line.

"It lit up the whole woods along its path. It wasn't like a search light. There was light along the ground, along its whole path."

She said the light did not waver back and forth like a search light, but continued to extend its beam into the woods. Shortly after the light went into the woods, there occurred the most horrible part of her ordeal, according to the girl. She related that a Peninsula police car approached from behind and pulled up near their stuck vehicle. She said as it did so the beam from the UFO light went out. Her boyfriend jumped from the car and told the officers, "There's something weird going on here."

The officer accompanied the youths down the road about 300 yards to a point near where they said the craft had landed. Just as they approached the area the horn sounded in the boy friend's car and they ran back.

The girl said there was a "thing right by the car. I don't know what it was. It was bigger than you," she told the newsman. It was about six feet tall. "You would have had to look up to see it."

In a very brief sketch that the girl drew of the "Thing" it appeared to have the general shape of an upright, large creature, such as a gorilla, although she maintained it was not any kind of animal that she has ever seen before. She described it as a dark, apparently featureless creature, not human, maybe animal, which moved sluggishly back into the bush after she had leaned on the horn after seeing it.

In her interview by the Morning News, she made the following comments: "The ship was big. It came half-way up between these trees." (Officials said the trees are 60 to 70 feet tall).

"When it came down and landed, the car vibrated. We had the car radio on. I think it was WICU Radio. No, it didn't make any interference on the radio."

(Note: The Si's have explained to me that when they come down to examine a car or vehicle, or a town, they throw out a "web" of power which knocks out electricity, car batteries, radios, etc., so that whatever they are examining cannot escape, or radio or signal by mechanical means for help. Evidently in this case they had reason not to project such a power-web. Owens)

Asked if it made any kind of noise, she said, "It sounded like the noise in a telephone receiver, only louder, of course. Then it stopped. When it landed there were no lights on it. Then some lights came on by the back of it. The oval top. The others asked me if I saw it. We just couldn't believe it was really happening."

At one point during the interview, she suddenly said,

"We heard someone walking on the roof. No, it wasn't stomping. It was more like scratching. We didn't see anything then. We didn't get out of the car. I was a nonbeliever about this space craft business. But I believe now."

Things happen fast readers. August 3, two days later, a farmer took a picture of a UFO at New Castle, Pa., which was believed to be the same one seen at Preseque Isle Peninsula, on Aug. 1, by the girl and her friends. Next day, August 2, after the girl and her friends had their encounter, huge claw-prints were found in the sand of a beach nearby. They "were staggered, as if made by a walking creature". Patrolmen said the imprints were five to six feet apart. Later in the day the same imprints were found leading to the water of the lake. Patrolmen were particularly intrigued by the markings on the imprints which appeared to have been made by claws. They said, "It was as if you were to take four fingers and press hard in the sand". Patrolmen were also amazed by the sharpness of the impressions in the soft sand. Scratches and dents were also found on the car the teenagers had been in.

So again, readers, the Si's had told me correctly.

They were going to do something startling...

and they did!


How To Contact Space People

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