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If Modern Humans Are So Smart, Why Are Our Brains Shrinking?

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Devious Viper:
Over the past 20,000 years, the average volume of the human male brain has decreased from 1,500 cubic centimeters to 1,350 cc, losing a chunk the size of a tennis ball. The female brain has shrunk by about the same proportion...


It's leveling off, stabilizing in other words. Because clearly it hasn't affected the average intelligence, of course some people beg to be an example of it affecting them. ;)

Id say the use of technology and modern living is making us stupid. We hardly need skills we needed before to survive, so the evolution is giving up on many traits that are no longer necessary.

Not necessarily,  we still use them in different ways.

I think it's like a car attempting to pass, you accelerate passed a point and then drop back down leveling to a cruising speed. I believe that's what happened. 

Oh, ok, we do use them in different ways, now we just open our fb account and wait for the world to request friendship  :lol:


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