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Has anyone seen the new Robin Hood movie?

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just watched it, and I have to say its one of those movies that leave you feeling awesome yet like crap because you look out the window and realize where and when you are living.

It looked pretty good, probaly check it out sometime. Still, if you're looking to play Robin Hood, there are plenty ofplaces that are still like that. Granted they havemodern technologies, but the setting still has the same feel. I wouldn't recommend it, but hell, maybe somebody will do some good.

It isn't exactly Robin Hood I am interested in, just the middle ages in general.

Ah, well that yeah. I mean, with the medicine of today, but the setting of then.

I also am sad that I can't see the colonization of space by the human race, and when we build cities on other planets and most likely come in contact with other aliens.
It would be hundreds of years from now, but seeing something that looks like its from a sci fi movie with a huge city on some planet with different races of aliens walking around and stuff and neon lights, you have to admit thats sweet. kinda like bladerunner or something


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