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God Module


Any one else here into God Module?

Just saw them live for the 4th time last month :D

I think their song "Spooky" is like the anthem to me :D


Don't ever change
I like it spooky
Zombies eating brains
I like it spooky
Serial killers & the insane
I like it spooky
Angry ghosts rattling chains
I like it spooky

I love the night
I like it spooky
Werewolves & their bites
I like it spooky
Skeletons laughing at your fright
I like it spooky
A black witch in green light
I like it spooky

I like alot of their stuff, but I can def see Spooky as this site's theme song.


--- Quote from: 5arah on October 23, 2011, 03:05:43 PM ---I think their song "Spooky" is like the anthem to me :D

--- End quote ---

/giggle It will always be

Here's "Devil's Night"

I think I'm going to have a post every week highlighting a dark/monstrous electronic act.

Common, God Module isn't that monstrous. But he is alright, for an electro-dance artist.


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