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Please introduce yourself.

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I'm jordyn have been here for a while now, don't often use capital letters when typing and believe in the supernatural. At this time I'm a moderator and can help with any questions you may have, generally. 

So who's next?  :)

Hey there. I'm the alchemist as you can see... well lets cut this bulls**t. I know this place since three years now and this is another account i have registered on earlier this year  cause i was banned once... long time ago. Nevermind.

Where is everyone? i see a lot of moderators and other people have just left.

Also i have a very, very large amount of information about the paranormal. and i have chosen to set it aside cause i don't want to have to do with that anymore and thought i can pass on my knowledge before i set my books to rest.

so yeah... that was my introduction for me being kinda back again.

i hope some of the old folks are still here.

I'm still here.  :)

Alchemy has always fascinated me, they're responsible for my favorite stone, the goldstone just a little too scientific for my mind. I read a really good western sex magick book that touched on a little of it pertaining to the union of male/female and would love to have more understandings of it.

welcome back!

my name is dale, new to the sight and looking for some cool peo;le to chat with, i am an artist, and a musician, when I'm not slaving for a paycheck.

welcome to the board.


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