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question of the flies

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Hi all,

i have a problem that has really been buzzing me alot. ( i apoligise if it is not in the right section please dont bite my head off)

i have been working in a hot and arid enviroment and there are alot of flies around. i work with alot of people and i have noticed that the majority of the flies seem to hang around me and leave everyone else alone. my question is is this because i,
 A: have some sort of aura surrounding me that they can pick up on
 B: am emitting some sort of energy
 C: something else
 D: just plain old stink

any thoughts or hints or help in this matter would be muchly appreciated.


We should begin calling you Fly Man, Sobek.

Now now people. What's all this buzzzzzzz about? Lol. I couldn't resist. But yeah. Seriously calm down. Guy asked a simple question. No. You are not attracting flies like some form of bug Aquaman. You are working in a hot environment. Also flies are less noticeable at a distance so your coworkers are probably just as bothered as you. You just don't notice. But I better let you go. Your people need you. God speed Flyman. God speed.

lol but i have been paying alot of attention to this and have even started counting the flies that are buzzing around me compared to those buzzing around those around me. there can be up to times at least 10 to 30 times more flies hanging around me then everyone else. people at work have even started to pay out on me. I have even noticed my shoulder blades are starting to twitch involuntarliy at times. what is going on?

go to a doctor, perhaps there's more of one chemical in your blood that's an attractant, a cologne, man wash, deoderant...

The issue with asking for advice around here is that even for the supernatural supporters, often times turn to a rational explanaitiion as to why something odd is happening. Physically, emotionally and personally it's all tied to our brain which tells our five senses what they're experiencing.

Supernaturally it could be anything,

What i look at is,

The Fly teach the ability to greatly multiply prosperity, endeavors and ventures at enormous rates. He shows how to be quick to act and respond to achieve results. Fly aids in demonstrating the power of keen eyesight along with expanding awareness in many directions. Although flies are known for carrying diseases in unfavorable surroundings, the lesson of fly is in the value of carrying your emotions, thoughts and feelings in order to act quickly in sometimes unfavorable or uncomfortable conditions. It takes about two weeks from hatching for new eggs to be laid, likewise, two weeks is significant in one's personal development. Are you ready for quick and abrupt changes? Are you ready to move quickly? Fly will show how to make quick changes for rapid growth.

*animal totems dictionary

There is some demonic, Beelzabub asspciations but that's an extreme belief in this realm.

Is there a lot of death around you and do you feel terrorized by some evil presence in your life?

Nature speaks to us all, spirits...not so much.


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