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Before you come to the conclusion that you are a therian or an other kin, here are some things you should consider first:

Mental health: † Do you have any mental problems? That is the first question you should ask yourself, because if you do have them, maybe you should put aside therianthropy for a moment. You may just suffer from schizophrenia, hallucinations, personality or emotional disorders or behavioural problems. How to know if you are sane or not? Get evaluated by professionals. That is of course, if you have doubts about your mental health. If you do not suffer from anything, well, letís move on to the next step!

Relationship with animals:† Just loving and wanting to protect animals does not make you a therian or other kin. It makes you a good human. In some cases though, it may be an indication. What Iím saying is that itís more than love and/or admiration for a precise animal or creature; itís a deep feeling of understanding. You feel the animal or the creature in you, you see through its eyes.

Appetite: Craving meat or just any other foods is irrelevant. BUT your therian or other kin side MAY influence your choice of meals, but not always. Like me for example, my therian side is the wolf. It does not mean that I just love and eat meat only; I do like pasta, exotic fruits, deserts and dairy although, if I do not eat red meat everyday I get weak. But it has nothing to do with my therian side, my blood just canít keep its iron and this is due to a poor diet. As for sexual appetite, therian or not it all depends on your life style and your needs. Having a very strong sexual appetite does not mean that you are a therian.

Physical appearance: Thatís a bit blurry, because you have to consider heredity, ethnicity and environment. But it is known that some therians physically shift, thatís pretty rare but not impossible. Iíve been told that mental shifts or dream shifts may have visible effects on the body. The most common physical changes are in the pilosity and the color of the eyes. In some very rare cases, the teeth and nails change. These changes may be temporary or permanent. I guess it depends on the frequency of the shifts or the lengths of them. Honestly I donít know.†

Special skills or powers: Therians and other kins tend to have special physical skills, some even have psychic abilities. Then again, not all of them do! But it seems that many do. But there are a lot of arguments for these matters.

Full moon: Not a factor. You donít shift only at the full moon, whatever your therian side.

Blood lust: If you have that, you may be a vampire.  <^> Wanting to fight and/or kill, you may have alot of anger inside and you need to see a professional before you harm yourself and others.

Thatís it for now, my goal is to help, not to discredit. Itís just that so many people claim to be therians or other kins just because it is cool or because they hate their existence so they need thrills. But how can we have credibility if so many are just kidding around, making real therians and other kins look bad?† How can the scientific community take us seriously if some jerks go around saying: ďIím a werewolf, beware! At the full moon you will all be doomed! Grrrrrrrrrr!!!Ē.† †:roll:† †


Well it takes more than just being drawn to a certain creature. I can't tell you what you are and no one else can either because it's a very personnal thing. There are no specific indications to determin what is your therian or otherkin side. It depends on so many factors plus there are no serious scientific researches that can give tips. You yourself should find out. It can take time and it can be hard sometimes but it's worth it. What I can advise you to do is to find a person that claims to have a spider or demon side and ask them questions. That's what I did. You suspect to have a demon and/or a spider side well, do some research! Let's take the spider example, your could learn about behaviour, habitat and ask yourselves question. Have I been a spider in dreams? Where and how do I feel safe? You know, things like that. Only you have the answers. I'm no expert, I just provide infos and what I know.

That's why I encourage otherkins and therians to participate, so every weres can add what they know and it might help others!

That's all I can give you, I hope it helps a bit.


No problem!  :wink:


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