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Normally I'd post this under role play help but nobody would see it there if I did, now I have a good enough experience with role plays to be able to say that you people are below average at best, no offense, so I shall put these here, now I have no power to make anybody follow these but these are prime examples of rules that will be seen on any good role play site and your role playing ability will improve if you follow them.

1) Keep a posting order: posting order means that you'll always post after the person you posted ahead of each time (there are exceptions such as when they're gone for a long time) if somebody leaves or somebody comes in they simply slide into the posting order and it keeps going in a loop, it makes things much more proffesional and easier.

2) Don't use ** form: as in *decapitates a random passerby* this is very sloppy looking and while it works in informal threads it is not correct form for a role play.

3) Treat each Role Play as unique: While role plays can have a similar atmosphere each one is different, make sure you use the character template provided, make sure your character fits in with the other characters, etc, etc.

4) Be realistic: these are role plays, I don't want it degenerating into "that hit you, you're dead" "nu uh" "yuh huh" etc. etc. if it would realistically hit you it hits you, if it would hit you hard enough to kill you you're dead.

5) Write more then one sentence: the longer the better, a good begining goal is one paragraph each post, however while this may seem long at first it's completely doable and after one or two roleplays with that as a requirement you'll find yourself doing it automatically.

6) Try for good grammar: the entire world of the role play is made up of what you and the other players write, so it'd help if they could actually read your writing, which brings the next one up which is a rule, if it isn't it should be, I'm putting it in all capitals and all bold because it's that important NO LEET SPEEK no abreviations unless they are universally understood, none of that, it's like another language and is a language I haven't learned, oh and because it's a pet peeve of mine CAPATALIZE YOUR Is this gets the stand out treatment mainly because it's a pet peeve but it's also true. . .

7) No godmodding, no meta gaming, etc: What exactly that is will be explained later on, but in sumation don't make your character better then every one else's

8) Respect other players This is not a game, that's why I never call it a role playing game, some role plays have game like aspects and frankly I hate those, in this case if you don't respect your other players either they, or you, will leave and the role play will be the worse for it, this is one thing you can not do alone, in fact I'll say it again, and bold it: RESPECT OTHER PLAYERS

9) DON'T CONTROL OTHER PEOPLE'S CHARACTERS!!!!! This is the single rudest thing you can do in a role play and no good role player should ever do this, this includes dramatic things like having them move but can also includes having them say something or even saying your attack hits without giving them an oppurtunity for the writer to come up with some way to avoid it, JUST DON'T DO IT MAN!!!! If roleplaying was life this would be equal to doing it with your sister.

There's more to then just that but I can't think of them at this moment so it's time for:

10) Don't post OOC posts: As far as guidelines go this one is the easiest to ignore but it's still important as OOC posts can quickly become spam and distract from the role play, momentum is key in keeping role plays going and this is one of the biggest mommentum killers.

SUMMARY The best summary for a good role play that I've heard goes something like this; A role play is like writing a book, except it's for the sole entertainment of the writer and each writer only controls one (or more depending on the role play) character(s) and their imediate surroundings, I think I got that from wikipedia so that's why it's not more poetry-like and it describes the level of quality you should strive for; that of a book.


Godmodding: Having your character do something that is physically impossible, in otherwords making them act like a god, this includes controlling someone elses character which is the worst thing you can do.

Metagaming: Not something frequently found it role plays, it means using outside knowledge to affect the ingame world, if you're character shouldn't know it then he doesn't know it and shouldn't suddenly know it at the crucial moment.

IC: In character, means saying something in character (duh)

OOC: Out of character.



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