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How would you want to die?

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I thought this would be interesting to see what people would pick.  :gun:   :embarassed:

I said drown, but I'd rather just die in my sleep  :|


--- Quote from: Daemonin on December 23, 2008, 11:47:45 AM ---I said drown, but I'd rather just die in my sleep  :|

--- End quote ---
Drowning is probably the worst in my opinion since your lungs literally burst.  :lol:

I didn't see a suffocation choice, so I chose the next best thing.

Actually, the lungs themselves do not burst. The tiny capillaries sometimes do from the exertion or struggle to hold one's breath while still moving, but the lungs themselves do not burst. Also, my father is a survivor of drowning. From what he describes, it's a very pleasant experience once your lungs force you to inhale the water. At that point, you cease to have the urge to breathe, the lack of oxygen causes the panic to subside, and you float in the water, with nothing but a peaceful feeling, and the notion that "Hey, this isn't so bad." in your mind; then you lose consciousness. In fact, my old man actually fought his rescuers when they grabbed him off the bottom of the pond he'd gone down in - the experience was that peaceful and desirable to him.


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