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The rules for requesting help


If you request help because of demonic possession, abduction or other odd case involving monstrous creatures, please follow the rules or your post will be deleted and your account suspended.

* Describe carefully the phenomenon in plain and good English (no SMS-childish-style)
* When did the case occur, at what time, how many times.
* At which location(s) did the case occur (your house, your school, in the forest, in the mountains, "haunted" house, ....)
* Are you the only witness or are there any other people involved
* Are you feeling sick, tired, do you suffer from hallucinations, somnambulism, ...
* What is your personal explanation
* What sort of help do you request from us

Request that do not follow the given format will be removed. Be also careful not to post personal information that may identify you or your subject. A topic that has been posted by several members can be removed only if all the debaters agree.


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