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Genetically modified humans vs. A.I. Cyborgs


Genetically modified humans, hands down would win that war. :gun:

  While A.I. Cyborgs would be relentless they lack the one thing you need in war fare, adaptability, there is no substitute for that.

Exactly, and there are other things. Such as, Not following orders or plans to get the enemy eliminated.

It will come down to a war between bio-forms and artificial robotic life.

--- Quote ---

Considering all this, I predict that humanity will split into three major philosophical, ideological, political groups, which I label as follows.

--The Cosmists (based on the word "cosmos") will be in favor of building these godlike machines (the artilects), who would be immortal, think a million times faster than humans, have unlimited memory, go anywhere, do anything and take any shape. The Cosmists would take a quasi-religious view that they are god builders. Privately, I am a Cosmist, but publicly, I have mixed feelings about the rise of the artilect.

--The Terrans (based on the word "terra," meaning the earth) will be opposed to the construction of artilects, fearing that in a highly advanced form, the artilects may decide to wipe us out. To ensure that the probability that this might happen is zero, the Terrans will insist that the artilects are never built in the first place. But this strategy runs utterly contrary to what the Cosmists want. The Terrans will be prepared to go to war against the Cosmists to ensure the survival of the human species.

--The Cyborgists (based on the word "cyborg," meaning cybernetic organism that is part machine, part human) will want to become artilect gods themselves by adding artilectual components to their own brains, thus avoiding the bitter conflict between the Cosmists and the Terrans.

--- End quote ---

Hopefully bio-engineering will be able to create an army of mutant hulks to aid in the coming war between technology and nature.


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