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Problems Only Goths Have...
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Enjoy. :-D

Problems only Goths Have

    * Trying to get blacks that match after they fade in the wash
    * Trying to convince the drunk frat boy who is hitting on you that really are a guy.
    * Big hair, small cars
    * Airport metal detectors
    * Having your little sister play with your make-up
    * Nicknames such as "that gay devil worshipping freak that dyed his hair purple"
    * Getting your jewelry tangled in your clothes/hair
    * When your pointy toe shoes/boots get caught in the holes in the hem of your skirt.
    * Wearing a black turtleneck when it's 90 degrees outside
    * Accidentally removing someone's nose ring with your spiked bracelet while dancing
    * Getting your slave bracelet caught in your fishnets
    * Having to reach for the salt with one hand while holding back your sleeve with the other so it doesn't drag in the gravy
    * Trying to find your possessions in an all black room
    * Trying to get the hair-dye stains out of your towels, sink, floors, doors, ceilings, carpets, pets, furniture.
    * Being asked to defend your entire existence in 30 seconds or less.
    * Finding a detergent to get those blacks blacker
    * Trying to wash dishes with those flowing sleeves.
    * Going out in the winter and having all the metal stuff you are wearing freeze against your exposed skin.
    * Getting your skirt caught on:  anything and everything
    * Lending your eyeliner to a friend and finding out later that he's returned it without mentioning that he completely emptied the entire brand new tube.
    * The salt stains on the hems of skirts in winter.
    * Trying to stand up, and getting the hooks on your left boot caught in the fishnets on your right leg. And managing to look graceful while extricating yourself.
    * Dancing in a corset.
    * Attempting to explain Goth to anyone
    * Driving in a rather large cloak.
    * Having to wash black lipstick off of your neck.
    * Wearing 24 rings and getting them all stuck in various bits of lace and fishnet (not all of it yours).
    * Having to rush out of bed the moment you wake up just so you can get to the bank before it closes.
    * Convincing someone that you are straight even though you are wearing a skirt and makeup.
    * Trying to find women's clothes that fit you without it looking too obvious that that is what you are trying to do
    * Wearing that HUGE cross you just bought to the club spinning around and knocking yourself out
    * Finding that your freshly washed black t-shirt is covered in bits of lint, which while undetectable by the naked eye, show up very well under UV, thereby making you appear to have terminal dandruff.
    * Waking up at with the most painful hangover ever. Walking to the little store to get aspirin, thinking "Damn even my feet hurt like hell". Then realizing that your wearing someone else's boot's.
    * Trying to find food you can eat without messing up your lipstick
    * Wanting to go and play out in the rain but fearing it'll ruin your hair.
    * Being unable to decide which rings look best over the black lace gloves
    * Fearing your sharply filed nails will ruin your mesh shirt!
    * Getting a sunburn right through your t-shirt
    * Trying to ride a bicycle with a long black skirt
    * Trying to ride a bicycle without reminding the people you pass of Miss Elmira Gulch, forcing them to hum the wicked witch theme from The Wizard of Oz
    * Trying to type with your lace gloves on
    * Religion: while everybody still thinks you are a Devil-worshipper despite all your explanations.. especially if you tell them you are Pagan..
    * Other Pagans/Wicca's don't take you seriously because of what you look like
    * Accidentally kicking things and having parts fly off because you're wearing steel toes boots.
    * Brushing against walls and having chips fly off because of your spiked bracelet.
    * Having to avoid potential self-mutilation after just finishing filing one's nails to a point.
    * When it's cold, your nose will be red no matter how much make-up you have on.
    * Trying to explain to people that the scars up and down your arms are actually from your cat.
    * Trying to find a soap that will remove the purple hair dye stains from your hands and face.
    * Flicking trough a magazine or a newspaper with velvet gloves on.
    * Trying to tell someone that you admire their footwear without making it sound like a come-on.