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Are you feeling threatened or scared by them?
I know a bit about spiritual things such as this but no one around here seems to listen to me as I am into pre-christian european shamanistic and pagan teachings and apparently if you aren't into some made up fantasy anime thing on this forum you aren't listened to lol.

leon abel trueheart:
no i listened but i also have a number of guardian spirits as well. i just didn't have a reply because i was focused on trying to help someone

I don't feel threatened or scared but the black one is much more violent than the white one, which tends to show up in calm, happy, or peaceful moments.

The Norse called similar things "Fylgja" you may know them as "Fetches" or "Familiars" as a lot of modern fantasy of course sucks off the tit of indigenous cultures and their religions and terms.
In a sense they're like the Native American spirit animals. Although you usually see such a thing in your sleep, there are some accounts in Norse sagas and paganism of them appearing to a person while they are awake, same with in the indigenous American tribes.
Some of them belonged to certain clans, and would follow their ancestors and descendants. It could be something like that, it is certainly though something obviously spiritual.
Spirit guide, Flygia, a warning? A calling to something or a path, if what you are saying is actually true of course.   

It is true, and that bit about the American tribes, I have a few ancestors that were of the Mohawk tribe, along with Irish Scottish Dutch and German ancestors as well though, those last ones probably have nothing to do with this correct? Either way, I do have Native Blood lines, but I cannot discover specifics other than the tribe, as we have no records of our ancestors except for how my Irish grandfather met and married a Mohawk woman.


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