Author Topic: 3 Poems i wrote that I wrote I thought I'd share  (Read 376 times)


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3 Poems i wrote that I wrote I thought I'd share
« on: March 28, 2012, 02:17:40 PM »

You have no eyes.
Why do you have no eyes?
You're looking at me.
How can you see me?
Don't look at me with those dark sockets!
I can feel you reading me.
Stop it please.
How are you doing that?
Why do you have no eyes?
Tell me where your eyes are.
"I put them in the ground because they lie"
Lie about what?
© Rachel Livingston


Cross on over to the great divide
I cannot help to withstand this morality
Nevermore shall I dwell in the world you think you know so well
My expiration date is over do
But i know what I must do
These visions materialize in front of me
Telling me what I need to see
I'm crossing over to the great divide
And I'll wait for you on the other side
© Rachel Livingston


A human mutation
Motives and lies
Hear the children cries
Wake the fallen
The demons are calling
Secrets of the dead
Thoughts that I dread
Nothing is said
In the silence
We seek guidance
From those above
Who show no love
Looking for answers
And finding cancer
Looking for a way out
Giving up full of doubt
Ignore the human lore
For being human has no cure
© Rachel Livingston


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