Author Topic: (Another) Werewolf Personality Quiz!  (Read 3588 times)


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Re: (Another) Werewolf Personality Quiz!
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You are the Bloodthirsty werewolf! Stereotypical, you often challenge and fume at anything that doesn't suit your fancy. You're a show-off and rather confident. However, you are a fierce warrior, brutal and almost always victorious. Just remember, there's always someone better. You should beware of human settlements, for you are always tempted to spill their blood for fun. You're the kind of werewolf humans hunted easily, for you got on a killing high and did not use your brains. Many of the werewolves in your pack are uncomfortable around you, because you thrive on spilling blood just to see the color. When you die, your body will be be buried in a graveyard, where many werewolves go. Only those who please the gods the most are given special treatment. However, on a soldier's initiation, veterans and the initiates will sing and dance around your grave, asking for your ferocity and unfaltering strength on the battlefield.

Well then, looks like I'm a brainless savage! 8-)