Author Topic: 2012 The Time for Reintroduction  (Read 4036 times)

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Re: 2012 The Time for Reintroduction
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Where as I can see merits in both taking to the country,
and staying in the more urban areas...

I must say I am still continuing my survivalist training, yes, done in a compound....
I am from the South, you know...

Either way, I am a VERY good shot with most fire arms
and still lethal enough with a long bow,
it is best be wise to stay from my food, water and such.

all that said,
and if I CHOOSE to still be around,
the predictions I have seen it would not matter what you DID,
or even so where you GO,
your best bet is who you ARE.

Your Will,
your INTENT,

will determine your "Reality".


Mr. Kreepy
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Re: 2012 The Time for Reintroduction
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Currency won't mean much and food spoils. so unless you have a well defended farm you'd starve out there and probably get enslaved...................

You're exactly right Raz. In my mind, I can't help but look at an isolated farm full of people as a concentration camp that raiders and thugs could use as a near-infinite supply of food, labor, supplies, and even sex slaves.
In effect, it would be identical to a feudal-era estate.

People like kreep will probably be the guys with the goons and the guns.

Yeah, most likely. I wouldn't mind that kind of life at all, and in most cases I'd much rather live in a chaos-filled city and that promised great reward in exchange for great risk rather than go live out in the boondocks where there was little of either.
However, if I could secure a strong and loyal enough group of people I can imagine living out in the middle of nowhere and living off the land might be a good life, but I certainly wouldn't risk my own survival like that unless I could guarantee that my "tribe" would all work together to accomplish the goal.

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Re: 2012 The Time for Reintroduction
« Reply #17 on: January 18, 2009, 02:53:19 PM »
I got a shotgun..... rifle .....and a 4wd  :laugh:

A country boy can survive    lol

I have been ready, I have over 27 guns (and quite a few more at my parents house if needed), 20 knives,4 tents, 2 stoves...dual fuel and propane,2 lanterns...same as stoves, with plenty of the fuel types stored

2 bows, compound and recurve

Over 1000 rounds of ammo for each gun ,200 arrows, 3 safari land vest (body armor)

A lot of MREs...just in case

Lucky for me I live in a small rural city
What do you want, you moon-faced assassin of joy?

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