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Devious Viper:
Any Okies in? If so, Teri French from the Paranormal Investigation Team of Tulsa has declared the most haunted locations of Tulsa as:

The Gilcrease House
By far, this is the most haunted place, to go by the number of things experienced by a number of very credible people. Its one of the few places the team decided to leave early because of what we experienced there.

Woodward Park
Weve heard a whole lot of odd stories about unexplained things people have experienced here.

The building at the corner of Main and Brady Streets, formerly Lolas
Its sad that place is closed now, because there were some fascinating things there.

Other locales with a deservedly spooky reputation are The Brady Theater, the Tulsa Garden Center and Tulsa Little Theater

Are these experiences residual hauntings or active hauntings? Residual hauntings can be confused with active hauntings. Residual can have all the same effects as an active, the more people that visit it, the more it charges the residual recordings left in the environment from noises to smells, to images. Environments that hold these recordings can give the person a strange feeling, but usually the best haunted houses are residual. Because then you don't have to worry about, 'the ghost didn't feel good to do anything that day.' Lol.


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