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Dreams about demonic possession
« on: January 30, 2011, 01:10:41 PM »
So recently I've had two dreams where I was the one who was possessed. Usually it's someone I don't know and I'm trying to help them.

I'm playing with a Ouija board (I know, let the groans begin and for the record I do not own one as I believe they can cause harm) and it cuts to me sitting on a floor in this white gown, almost like a night gown you would see from a different century. Everything else is modern. In my dream my home is more elegant and light and airy than my real one is, if that makes any difference but on to the story. I'm sitting there, on my knees just staring at the Ouija board when suddenly I start twitching and making these demonic noises. I'm speaking a language I don't know. My family comes in and I pass out. When I wake, there's a priest and he observes me but almost immediately agrees to perform an exorcism.

After the exorcism I know that I'm still possessed, that it didn't work. I try to tell my family but they don't believe me, ultimately deciding that I need to be sent to a mental institution and they lock me up in my room. I'm sitting there on the floor again, facing the door when someone or something starts to slip the Ouija board underneath the crack of the door and I run at the door in a savage and beastly way, hissing and growling because the need inside of me to touch the Ouija board is extremely intense. They take it from me so I claw at the door and it opens on its own. The Ouija board is there floating in midair and I grab it. It becomes almost magnetic and is stuck to me. I suddenly don't want it anywhere near me anymore and every time I try to throw it across the room it just flies back and sticks to me again.

I tape it to the floor, my parents come and get me, putting me in the car and start to drive off with me. At the stop sign down the hill I get out without them noticing and I watch them drive off from on top of this cliff area before going back inside the house. I grab a lighter, and sit with the Ouija board in my room, flicking the lighter and it catches the bed on fire. I sit there and let the flames consume everything and finally I let it consume me. I never want the Ouija board to be able to hurt anyone else and I don't want to be possessed anymore so I kill myself.

In this dream I see things not only from my own point of view but sometimes from an outside point of view where I can see myself.

I don't know why I've been having dreams like this, but I haven't been watching any horror movies or anything on demonic possession.
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