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Any one else here a member of one? My first investigations started way back when ....when they just called it tresspassing. lol

Haha, nice work.
I'm not part of a group, but I've done the same before.  :roll: needless to say, I wouldn't mind doing what I've done with others. I just prefer not to work with a whole group.

edit: whoa hey, this was my 100th post.

During the daytime, we go to Civil War parks, old hotels, and old buildings( with permission). We still come across cold spots, unexplained noises and solid EVPS.

Yeah, Ive learned that its alot easier to ask for permition, alot safer too. Ive been shot at more than once for being somewhere I shouldnt have. Anyone have any advice for people wanting to join a group? Ill give some of my own later on.

Well this may be obvious but new people need to hear this.

Do not do what you see on t.v. This is a very fundamental lesson and still holds.

The ghost hunters on t.v. are jokes. Following their example will only ruin your fun and perhaps cause you harm.
These people talk to spirits in a manner that I perceive as being an ass. You don't talk to live humans this way so why is it okay to talk to dead ones like that?

Think of how you would want to be approached if you were dead by a live person.

But throw all the crap on t.v. out the window and start fresh. They need ratings, you want success. So don't compromise dammit!


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