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This is another topic of mine that ended up missing... I hope you all don't get upset with having to respond to it again!

I had posted about my fiance and I watching all these different shows, and laughing about things they could have done, or explaining things they were finding with something rational. Of course, the conversation my fiance and I had been having eventually led to the idea to check out the areas around here that are haunted!

The next part of the topic, had been about what kind of equipment would people suggest?

The Ghost Box / radio thing if I remember correctly... wasn't a very highly thought of piece of equipment but I wouldn't spend a buttload of money if I went to Radio Shack... If I'm wrong about the summary of that, please correct me.  :lol:

Anyhow, I thought of something else to bring up that I hadn't before... so now I don't feel as bad as I did before about posting the topic again!

What about these Ion and EMF emitters I've seen and heard about being used? Are they worth looking into?

Also! If any of YOU are going Hunting, or want to, share your ideas!

I've always wanted to check out the Mound in SC. Had a random rattler incident last time I was near there, though.

The emitters don't sound like a bad idea, I've read up on them. Can make one cheaper than  buying one though like all odd bits of equipment. Be careful not to hover near them just in case you cause interference.

Barek Halfhand:
(Again) I hear the TriField meter is not nearly as effective at filtering out man made emissions as touted ...

I suggest you research the origin of theories supporting a correlation between excessive EMF, temperature fluctuations, full spectrum /IR/ UV and supernatural activity...there appears to be no evidence to quantify a connection and no root origin of the theories when queried...

I recommend at least a 12-16 MP camera, a decent video camera with night vision if inclined and a digital audio recorder for EVP collection (if inclined) ...

My advice is not to not let the gadgetry be a distraction from the site but this is my methodology and not necessarily the best or only approach...

Most important is to stay safe out there...


Thank you, again Barek! I'm sorry you had to retype all that for me.  :@0

Some friends and I experienced craziness years ago, so we decided to get more people, and return to this place. BUT there was a rule! We weren't allowed to do any form of communicating except an emergency, or that we were done with our investigation and headed back down. No talking about what you experienced, nada. No "OMG did you hear  that?!" ...when we all got back to the house, we wrote our experiences down and then read it once everyone had finished. We weren't allowed to talk about it either, until after everyone got to read their stuff.
It turned out to be one of the best ways of proving or disproving alot of events. Everyone witnessed the same things, and it matched up with what some people had recorded and shared with us afterwards.

It's a method I plan on using again in the future, and a method I think everyone should try.

I think I might go for a camera and some evp work as well. I may just leave it at that, but if anyone would like me to try something out let me know.


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