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So, I'm talking to a friend of mine, trying to con him into joining the Forum, and he lets me know that both him and his brother are interested in the things we discuss / share here on the site. Pretty cool, right?
I'm all excited about getting some Local folks on here, and new members in general... so naturally, I immediately get ahold of his brother.

This guy then tells me that they have managed to collect some evidence of Paranormal activity in another friend's home.
( haha, I'm having a problem with word choice this afternoon, maybe cause of last night? anyhow, I thought that was funny so I'm leaving it as is... )

I watched their stuff, and got to read / hear a little bit about the night, and I must say, I feel that these guys deserve some notice, especially since this is their first Technical investigation...  Definitely deserve to be the reason a topic is created.  :lol:
I got permission from one of the brothers to post their findings, he did warn and that they haven't had anything recent... and he did explain that it's due to the property owner's lack of cooperation.
I guess I can't really say much against that, I mean... if I heard any of this stuff was in my house, I might hesitate, too.
Out of sight, out of mind type theory.

Here's a preview:

And if you'd like to check out more:

What about the rest of you?
Have any Ghost Hunters in your area you feel deserve some credit?
What about Well known Groups ( TAPS, Ghost Adventures, etc ) that have Investigations near you?

I figure, this board needs some action.
Not that we don't appreciate Barek's wonderful work  :wink: ... he just can't do it all by himself!!

Not much of a con if i agree as readily as i did :) I was told i should post this as well. It is my first hand account of everything that happened that night. It was definitely one of the craziest experiences of my life.

Let me start off with, this was our first ever investigation. We had just moved back to West Virginia after being in FL for 12 years. My brother Chris(26) started living at his friend Cedrics house (26) the night we moved back up here. I stayed the first night there to tip back a few beers. I woke up the next morning around 6am ish and i heard music playing without a single radio and or TV/computer on then it stopped suddenly. This was the beginning of our journey to gathering the fantastic evidence we have.
That night ended and i dismissed it from my mind as some silly explanation. But it made my brother keep his eyes and ears open more. A few weeks later he heard the same music at the same time and the same place. But thats not what warrented our investigation. Cedric has 2 daughters. Kendall and Eralyn. One of the days where he had custody for the day, Kendall was in the kitchen and Eralyn was in her room playing with her toys by herself. She ended up coming out crying to her father, saying that someone bent her finger back. But there was no one in the room with her. THIS is what caused us to investigate Cedrics house.

We planned to do it the following Monday (4-11-2011) I gathered up what equipment i could. Two video cameras that utterly became useless because they were old as hell. And a voice recorder. Cedric comes and picks me up, and picks up Chris from work, and we head to his house. Was clear all day, no call for rain, no storms. Once we started heading towards our impending investigation, it started pouring. Paranormal? Probably not. But strange? Definitely.

We get there around 12am and start getting our equipment set up and decide to start our investigation in the basement. Now, to clarify, initially Cedric wasnt apart of the investigation. In fact, he ridiculed the fact that we thought something was in his house. Started with a standard evp session and taking pictures and wasnt feeling much of anything. Even provoking whatever was there wasnt getting us much result....or so we thought.
After about 20 minutes the skeptic decided to join our investigation and came down into the basement with us. We stayed in there a while, wasnt feeling anything like i said. And so we left the voice recorder downstairs and decided to go upstairs and check out the other rooms. Instinctively we headed to Eralyns room because thats where some of the activity happen. I walked in there and instantly felt an uneasiness, like i wasnt wanted in there, and something felt like it was standing in front of me in the doorway. So i had Chris try to enter. He had the same feeling. Cedric though stopped at the thresh hold of the door way and refused to go in.

We asked him why and he said "I just dont feel like i should go in there" and turned around and walked away and actually walked outside onto his patio. Mind you this was in the POURING rain , at 1am with PITCH blackness around. Not to mention it was completely out of his character to just walk away and not say where hes going. I walked to the door and asked him if he was ok, and he said yeah. Then he said something strange he said "Its really pretty out...." and had this blank stare on his face. It creeped me out enough to make me walk away. So i had Chris go check on him.
Chris, knowing this wasnt the same cedric hes known for 15 years, proceeded to ask him "So, youve lived here a while right? " Even though he knew that Cedric had lived there for 5 years. And Cedric then responded "A longggg...Longgg.... time..." and then said "So long...i dont even keep track anymore..." and i had walked back to the doorway and he changed. He looked at Chris and I and was just like "What the fark we doing out here? Lets get inside its raining." We went back inside and was in the kitchen discussing what just happened. He said that we had asked him to go outside with us because there was something we wanted to show him, and that wasnt the case at all..The lapse in memory, the weird behavior and speech, we had concluded this was a partial possession. Or an outward manifestation i really dont know. In any case it started becoming a serious matter...
So after explaining to Cedric what just happened, he realized he seriously didnt remember anything that happened over that span of like 15 minutes from the moment he walked away from us , until the moment he came back inside his house. With a lapse in memory like that...and him having guns and knives and s**t in the house...We were worried about the genuine dangers with something controlling him. We went into the living room (where i had originally heard the mysterious music) and sat on the couch to continue talking. Cedric and i were on the couch, and Chris was in a chair across from us. We were asking Cedric WHY he felt like he shouldnt go into Eralyns room. We asked him if something happened in that room that he knew about and things like that just trying to figure out if he knew anything at all about why that room feels the way it does. His energy had gotten severely drained at one point in the night when he outright CHALLENGED whatever was there. So i had asked him how his energy was and then asked him if he was feeling anything because i had noticed that he had that same dazed look he had on when he had walked outside. He looked at me and i swear on my life, he had a look of hatred in his eyes, like he was about to knock me the fark out and said "Why do you keep asking how im feeling?" then a tear went down his cheek from his eye. Just a single tear.
My brother said that he feels like Cedric NEEDS to go into Eralyns room. And Cedric straight up REFUSES , he just kept repeating "Im not going in that room. I dont care what you say im NOT going in that room." No matter what was being asked.

At this point im actually fearful so i make an excuse to get up and take pictures and just let things be for the time being. As i was walking around the house taking pictures, i actually got poked in the lower back. At about a childs height. We start talking about calling off the investigation and Cedric said he WANTED to go into Eralyns room and starts denying that he ever said he wouldnt go in there. About mid way through all this Chris runs downstairs and grabs the voice recorder. and brings it up to the living room where all this is going on. Anyway, we decide to let Cedric do a private evp session in Eralyns room. While he did this my brother and i were discussing the situation at hand, still not knowing what is residing in this house. Cedric finishes in there. And we decide to be done with the investigation after 2hr45ish mins. Cedric goes into his room and gets on his computer and pulls up youtube. And Chris, not being the brightest person around decided to try to cleanse the house without Cedric knowing. And me being his younger brother, couldnt help but follow big brothers lead. (Which i know was a very stupid thing to do)
He gets a couple catholic friends of his on the phone and starts saying prayers in Eralyns room holding onto a cross. Then we move into the living room and i light the white candles in there as i was told. At this point all the lights are back on. Living room , Cedrics room, the bedrooms,kitchen, everything. We attempt to bless water with the help of his friends and we go room to room splashing it, saying various banishing phrases. We avoid cedrics room upstairs because we didnt know how he was going to react to what we were doing, so we went into the basement after all the other rooms were done. Do it in there. And then we start to go upstairs to finally do cedrics room. And as i open the basement door to go upstairs, all the lights are off again....His computer is off his bedroom light is off, the kitchen light, the living room light, the candles. Cedric wasnt in his room either. He was sitting in the living room in the dark. When i found him, he looked at me and said "You shouldnt have done that." Knowing it was impossible for him to have heard what we were doing, i asked him "Shouldnt have done what?" And he said "You know what you did you shouldnt have done that." At that point we grabbed our equipment and went into my brothers room.

We called it a night because of how intense things were getting.

This is fantastic. Great to meet you.

@Teteo seriously, this is awesome. Kudos to you for getting folks you know and recommend on here! We love quality! :P

Welcome to Monstrous, Cynic  :wink:

and Thank you, AWB  :-D
I'm glad I was able to.

Unfortunately, without permission and cooperation, not much can be done to solve this one...
so part of me feels as if this is one giant tease.  :-P
But!! It's an excellent start!

It is a Tease, if i can get Cedric out of the house for the night we can do another one without him knowing.. and the other roommate has experienced some stuff as well so he wouldnt care what we do.. we want to investigate more locations but more about this current location. i have experienced alot there, i have heard voices down the hall and a few other people have heard it as well. i was standing in the living room and saw a hatman/ shadow person going down the hallway. Out in front of the house there is this stone block broken in half with 5 different names on it that was in the front yard, the 2nd half hasnt been found... One thing Cedric did tell me was that when he first bought the house, the bedroom i was staying in had several different symbols on the wall and the door frame to the closet was painted blood red. He says he has pics of the room before he painted it but i have yet to see them


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