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Dartford Cemetery


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Over the past weekend I was lucky enough to visit Dartford Cemetery in Green Lake, Wisconsin. I was up there with my wife to attend a wedding, and on Friday we had a little time to kill. First, we went to Bray Road, home of a supposed werewolf-like creature. That turned out to be a bit disappointing, so we headed over to Green Lake. The cemetery was the subject of an episode of "A Haunting" that used to be shown on the Discovery Channel.
We were there maybe twenty minutes total, because of time constraints and the cold. My wife had a digital camera, while I had a cheap camcorder and a digital voice recorder. While recording, I actually captured two EVPs, one of which was a direct response to a question my wife asked. You can check it out at my website
Has anyone else here visited or investigated the cemetery? Even though it was midday (the cemetery is off limits after dark), I felt a little on-edge and at one point even light-headed. It does seem to me to be an authentic site for paranormal activity.

I'd love to listen to the EVPs - but for some reason, my computer can't play them! :(

Paranormal Avenues:
I'll check on that...may be a problem on my side.

Paranormal Avenues:
Ok we should be good to go on the audio clips...let me know if there are any more problems.


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