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Hi,yeah,the thing with the t.v was very weird...and it only happened  once.I don't recall my brother-in-law crossing my mind when i was   watching the t.v show,so i don't think i was under any stress.When my t.v went to blue screen,i started to wonder why it had done that,and as i was wondering why,it then went off.After that,that's when the voice came in my room.It just kept on talking,but i couldn't make out a word it was saying.After a minute of just sitting there,i finally freaked out and ran out of my house.There are also times when i'm laying in bed and i just get the feeling that someone is standing next to me.Also,there was a time when i was in a chat room and i fell asleep while still  in there.I was using my laptop at the time.When i woke up,i saw that the number 2 was pressed like 40 times and was entered into the chat.The laptop wasn't near me when i woke up.I tried to see maybe my arm fell over the laptop while i was asleep,and somehow that pressed all the two's,but i couldn't recreate it, as my hands and arms kept pressing random buttons.The scent i had from my father was his hospital scent.It smelled like him,but it also smelled like blood.If that was a hallucination then ok.

The two thing is easily explained. Like you said, when you tried to recreate it you got random buttons. 2 is a random button. Then hitting enter when you shift in your sleep isnt impossible. The smell could be a few things. Sometimes a scent can just be triggered. Some things smell similar and sometimes our brain does the rest.

Barek Halfhand:

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--- Quote from: SleepyHollow on April 25, 2012, 07:02:36 AM ---It's just that the more i think about complete non-existence it depresses me.I've been watching a lot of youtube debates on evolution and creationisim that it's sort of made me feel real gloomy.I don't know,maybe it's best for me mentally to just stay away from these types of topics.

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That's probably a good idea. If something distresses you that way, don't torment yourself with it. There are a million other things you could be doing instead which wouldn't upset you. Afterlife or no afterlife, life is too short and precious to fritter away deliberately depressing yourself.

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I agree with Jake on this point and regardless of what you hear from either side of the Evolutionist vs Creationist debate, none of us can be 100 percent certain of anything ...until someone can satisfactorily explain what happened before "The Big Bang" all bets are off (IMHO) ...

Excellent posts all....b

Ok you guys helped with those things,so maybe you can help me with why i feel like i got someone standing right behind me.That's the last thing i need debunked.

Barek Halfhand:

--- Quote from: SleepyHollow on May 02, 2012, 05:38:52 PM ---Ok you guys helped with those things,so maybe you can help me with why i feel like i got someone standing right behind me.That's the last thing i need debunked.

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I'm not going to attempt to "debunk" your claims but I do know there are many possible factors that can contribute to a perceived presence of this nature. Some factors may be environmental while others may be organic or perhaps even psychological...Again, I'm only offering non-supernatural explanations so don't take this personally but you may want get a medical check-up just to be on the safe side...It could even be a food allergy...

Conversely, I do know "faith" is an effective shield and I have seen instances where calling on a higher power has worked wonders in cases like this...



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