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NASA funds SETI with $5m


The hunt for distant life is back on Nasa's agenda. The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute (Seti), based in California, has received a five-year $5m (3m) grant from Nasa to conduct research into the planetary context for life.
The money represents Seti's first major Nasa funding since 1993. Funds were cut after Congress critics caricatured Seti as a wacky alien hunt. The institute continued as a private non-profit organisation, but the economic downturn has put it under increasing financial pressure.

"We're glad to have them on board," says Rose Grymes, who heads Nasa's Astrobiology Institute at the Ames Research Centre in California, which is funding the research.

Grymes says Seti researchers will conduct studies of Jupiter's moons, as well as preparing a list of stars that might be home to intelligent life.


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